Sometimes I wish there was no social media, like at all. or keep the social media and take out all the fakeness. like I wish there was somehow a way to make people be their true self instead of being someone that they’re not so they can “fit in”. Now some of you probably thought after reading the first sentence, well isn’t your blog a form of social media? And to answer your question, yes, yes it is. But my blog is all about me being me. Social media now a days is so … I don’t even know how to say it. They promote being toxic. Like God forbid that you’re a female that isn’t toxic. It promotes females being crazy during and after relationships or just being crazy in general and to me, I don’t know about y’all but to me that is not cute. Sorry not sorry, it had to be said. Like why is it okay now to just argue all day with your man and fight him? Or to just start shit with him for no reason?

We need to start making it normal to have trust and confidence. Why not make it normal to have friendships with your partner, to enjoy each other’s company and to laugh and joke and play. We need to be encouraging that instead of all this toxic behavior. What happened to crying and being sad when you’re going through a break up? Lately all I see is girls going off and ready to fight and break game consoles. Like they just skipped the entire being sad stage. Now I don’t wanna preach & make it seem like I’m the most confident woman ever or like I never overthink about my guy. But you’d never catch me making post about how I fight him and go stupid on him or how I control what he wears it’s just not me. And I’m not judging. At all. I’m just trying to understand why is being toxic the new in right now ? Help me understand. Feedback and comments are very much preferred right now. Thank you

I’m just being honest

When I first started this blog I thought I had to choose one topic and just focus on that, but I have a lot to talk about and a lot I would like to share and even get off my chest with all of you. So as my page continues and as I make my post you will eventually find out that this is not your usual blog, I will vent and rant about things I feel strong about (comments and feedback more than welcomed.) I will also talk about my hair journey and share tips and maybe even upload videos and tutorials. And possibly a couple more things. Now I know what you’re thinking, damn her blog sounds busy. Trust me it wont be as bad as you think. Hope you stick around and enjoy. thank you.